Joshua Tree Climb

pat furgerson after first climbIt’s one thing to go to a national park and drive around “looking” at the sights. It’s another thing to go to a national park to “experience” the sights. The trill of yesterday was flashing a sport climb at Joshua Tree – an opportunity I may not have again for many years.

Our trip was lead by Jon Crowe. Jon has produced most of my ministries multi-media over the last four years. He is a great videographer and climber, with a deep care for people and ability to make others feel comfortable and confident through his leadership and abilities. I also climbed with Mike, a good friend of Jon’s, and Pat Furgerson a close friend who is a project manager and coach to me and other church planters around the country.

Another highlight of the day was sharing Mike and Pat’s excitement as they both accomplished their first outdoor climbs.

I am so great full for the ability to experience days like these with friends I so greatly appreciate.

Bonnie’s Roof at the Gunks

After accomplishing “The Dangler”, Joe and I tackled “Bonnie’s Roof”. I really enjoy climbing at the Gunks. These are some of the best climbs on the east coast. However, I look forward to adventure out west someday. Perhaps with my kids. Enjoy the video!

The Dangler – A Place of Worship

The day after doing what you are about to watch, I journal-ed these words to my loving Father (God).

“Thank you for letting me experience your glory rock climbing at the Gunks in New York. Thank you for letting me glory in your glory. I enjoy you. I enjoy your glory. – I Love You, Ron”

Climbing this route was amazing! Worshipping God on the side of the cliff after accomplishing this route was even better! I love playing in God’s play ground. I enjoy the adventures He has created for me. I love basking in His glory!

Rock Climbing Madame G in Gunks


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