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Creating a Social Impact Model that Accelerates Your Business

Customized Engagement Model

What’s the new normal for thriving businesses? It’s a world where the good we do is integrated into the business we do. It’s a world where every business we interact with has an impact strategy that’s solving social, cultural, or environmental issues. People want to help people. People want to be generous. People want to work with and purchase from companies committed to social and environmental good. Incorporating an impact strategy – that aligns with your people, passion, and product – will empower the capacity of your team members to attract new talent, new customers, new ideas, and new capabilities. This Masterclass provides the tools you need, in a simple 5 Stage Process, for crafting an Impact Strategy, Impact Timeline, Measurable Results, Assimilated Dashboard, Integrated Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships that accelerate your business while increasing your impact.

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“Ron is the greatest speaker I've ever met. I've never seen someone be able to bring empathy into describing how companies react to their problems and growth. The work he does is brilliant.”

Anoop, protoCapital :: Managing Director